Are you looking for reliable wireless internet service in Oak Creek, Colorado?

Oak Creek is a lovely little Statutory Town in Routt, County, Colorado. With a population of just under 1,000 people, it’s a picture-perfect example of a tiny, mountain town where everyone knows everyone and outdoor recreation is still the main pastime!

What Oak Creek lacks in size, it makes up for in personality. Named after a cluster of scrub oak trees near the original town site, Oak Creek was incorporated in 1907 as a coal mining town. While most of the people who live in and around the community these days are ranching families or outdoor enthusiasts, it attracts visitors from all over the world. Oak Creek is home to Stagecoach State Park, one of the area’s most popular recreational areas, as well as ample opportunities for fishing, hiking, boating, and skiing in nearby Steamboat Springs.

In fact, the only drawback of living in a small, rural mountain town like Oak Creek is the lack of high speed internet providers capable of delivering service that’s both reliable and affordable.

Thankfully, ZIRKEL Wireless is here to help.

Established in 2000, ZIRKEL has been providing reliable wireless internet service in rural areas like Oak Creek for over 16 years. We believe that moving to the beautiful Yampa Valley shouldn’t mean giving up internet service, or getting roped into a rural internet service contract that’s pricey and unreliable.

Why ZIRKEL Wireless Is The Best Internet Provider In The Area:

  • We’re A Locally Owned and Operated Company
  • We Offer Six Different Service Tiers To Fit Every Budget
  • We Offer Managed WiFi Service That Includes High Speed Routers
  • We’re Constantly Expanding Our Network Of Antennas To Serve You Better

Wireless Internet Service Is Different

If you’re tired of expensive satellite internet that glitches every time the wind blows, you should know that wireless internet service is different. Rather than slow transmissions between distant satellites, our rural internet service uses an ever-growing network of radio antennas physically located in and around Oak Creek.

Our radio signals typically travel less than 10 miles to our facilities, while satellite system signals have to travel through the atmosphere, over 22,000 miles to the satellite and then 22,000 miles back to earth. That’s why satellite system users commonly experience latency or delays when connecting to the web.

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