Steamboat Springs is a great place to raise a family. With beautiful mountains all around us, and year round opportunities for outdoor recreation, it’s no surprise that so many families choose to make their home in and around the Yampa Valley.

If you’re a family with teenagers, you probably realize that their passion for outdoor activities is surpassed only by their love for documenting said activities via a wide array of digital decides. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, these technologies seem to be permanently attached to the hands of most teenagers in Steamboat Springs.

High Speed Internet Is A Must For Multiple-Device Families

Running multiple devices off of your home wireless internet can put a drain on the system, causing everyone to experience slower speeds when all using the WiFi at the same time. Luckily, ZIRKEL Wireless isn’t like most high speed internet companies in the area. We offer a full menu of high speed internet packages that allow you to adjust the speed of your service according to how many devices are regularly pulling on the system.

Keep reading to learn more about why working with reliable high speed internet companies is a must when you have teenagers in the house. Then contact ZIRKEL Wireless to learn more about how we can meet your demand for high-quality internet service without damaging your bank account.

Choosing a high speed internet company just makes sense when you’re raising teens in Steamboat Springs. Not only are they on their devices socially ALL THE TIME (much to your chagrin) they also need reliable internet service to ensure academic success as well.

These days, most schools, including those in the Steamboat Springs area, expect that children will have access both to high speed internet and the devices that will allow them to access it. They may assign homework and projects with this assumption in mind, not only teaching kids math, science, and English, but also imbuing them with the technological skills that will be expected of them in the real world.

If your kids are forced to do their homeworks assignments and research projects with a slow connection, it’s likely to be very frustrating, both for you and them. But just the internet speed alone isn’t all that kids need. They also need firm guidelines and supervision for utilizing high speed internet safely. In this way, parents can have a hand in helping their teens to balance internet usage, with more emphasis placed on learning and exploration, and less on simply socializing and consuming entertainment content.

That’s why the ZIRKEL Wireless team put together this quick list of safety tips for teens. Unlike other internet companies who probably couldn’t care less what teens are doing on the internet, we want to ensure that the experience of high speed access in Steamboat Springs is a positive one for your entire family.

6 Safety Tips For Teens Using High Speed Internet

  1. Personal Information Is Top Secret – Full names, home addresses, school names, and telephone numbers should never be shared on the internet without a parent’s full knowledge and permission. Obviously signing up for a school event is different from giving this information to a stranger, but in both cases, teens should be taught to ask first just as a precaution.
  2. Keep Screen Names Anonymous – Profile names should never include personal information like real last names, ages, or dates of birth in order to keep teen identities firmly protected.
  3. Don’t Share Passwords – Passwords should be known by your parents, but no one else. Sharing passwords with friends, even ones that are trusted, leaves accounts open to hacking and theft of personal information.
  4. Get Permission Before Posting Photos – Social media is big among teens, and it can be a valid form of self expression. However, parents should help teens set privacy protocols to require permission before friends can tag them in pictures, and all images taken by the teen should be screened for appropriateness before posting.
  5. Bullying Is Completely Unacceptable – All kids, regardless of age, should be crystal clear on this fact. Bullying, insulting messages, and harmful content, is never to be tolerated, even if it’s meant in jest. Your child should be very clear on the consequences if they are found to be bullying online as well as the steps they should take if they are the target of bullying.

Other Companies Charge Top Dollar For Top Internet Speeds

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