Ask most people what they think of their current Internet service provider and you’re likely to see rolling eyes and hear heavy sighs in response. The fact of the matter is that in most Colorado communities, choices for Internet service providers are quite sparse, usually forcing residents to choose the lesser of two, giant, corporate evils. To these giant companies, customers are nothing but an address and an account number. These Internet providers don’t really care about the quality of their lives or how reliable their service actually is.

Here at ZIRKEL Wireless, we’re dedicated to putting the sanity (and humanity!) back into your wireless Internet service experience. We’re a locally-owned company that believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice high-speed, reliable, affordable Internet just because you want to live off the beaten path in Steamboat Springs and Craig (or anywhere in between)!

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High Speed Internet Is Essential For Life In Steamboat Springs

Whether you’re running a business or raising a family, reliable Internet service is an absolute necessity of life here in the mountains. Rather than simply making do with other brands of Internet that can’t be trusted to work when you really need them to, ZIRKEL Wireless is providing a high-quality alternative. We’re constantly building and upgrading our network to ensure the wireless Internet we provide is second-to-none.

Things To Look For In A Wireless Internet Provider

If you’re tired of feeling like just another account number on Big Internet’s balance sheet, it’s time to consider switching to a locally owned Internet provider that truly cares about its customers. Here are just a few reasons we believe ZIRKEL Wireless is the superior choice for Internet service in Steamboat Springs.


Buying local is important when it comes to clothes and food, so why should your Internet service provider be any different? We live and work right here in the Steamboat Springs area, which means we’re intimately acquainted with the areas of Routt and Moffat counties in which our antenna are located. Even our name is local! Inspired by the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness which is one of our favorite places on Earth.


Ask any Internet service subscriber about their bill and they’re likely to complain about the fact that it always seems to be going up. Here at ZIRKEL Wireless, we’re dedicated to providing each and every resident of Steamboat Springs, Craig, and beyond with the Internet service they need, and nothing that they don’t. We won’t force you to choose between just two or three Internet packages. We offer SIX full-service Internet access packages, ranging from Economy ($29 per month) to Turbo Extreme ($129 per month).


Anyone can say that they’re the area’s top Internet service provider, but what are they doing to back up that claim? Since we got our start over 15 years ago, ZIRKEL Wireless has continued to erect and upgrade its antenna sites for improved service. The ZIRKEL Wireless Network now has the largest broadband coverage area in the region, and we plan to continue that growth so that everyone can enjoy uninterrupted Internet service at a great value.

ZIRKEL Wireless Is An Internet Provider That Really Cares About Service

We’re so thankful that you found our website and took the time to learn a little bit more about what makes us one of the most unique Internet providers in your area. We hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to show you that you don’t have to hate your Internet provider. When you work with a local team that’s dedicated to your satisfaction, you can actually feel good about your Internet service as well as the investment that you’re making in it every month!

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