When most people in Colorado hear the words “Steamboat Springs”, they immediately think “snow.” More specifically, they imagine the magical champagne powder that has helped our little mountain town earn the reputation of one of the best ski resorts in the world. But we digress. Today we don’t want to talk about how much tourists love to ski on our snow, however. We want to talk about how many locals spend their evenings in Steamboat Springs: staying inside and bingeing on their favorite Netflix programs.

Netflix Is Only Fun If You Have A Top Notch Wireless Internet Provider

Have you ever tried to watch a Netflix show on your laptop, tablet, or streaming through a game console and felt like pulling your hair out because the program kept buffering? This is a common problem when trying to stream any kind of media with a slow Internet connection.

As the leading local wireless Internet provider in Steamboat Springs, ZIRKEL Wireless was created because we were tired of watching residents and businesses deal with this issue. Just because we live in a beautiful, rural area way up in the mountains, we don’t think that we should have to suffer through slow Internet problems. Our state-of-the-art wireless Internet network utilizes dozens of local antenna towers. Unlike satellite Internet service, which requires a signal to be sent 22,000 miles into space, our radio signals typically travel less than 10 miles to our facilities. This means you can rely on our wireless Internet service to be fast and issue-free, no matter what the weather.

Now that you know how much better streaming can be with a wireless Internet provider, it’s time to get your binge list ready for the next snow day! Here are some of our favorites:

Must-Watch Shows On Netflix This Winter

The 100

What could be better on a “snowpocalypse” day in Steamboat Springs than watching a fictional account of a post-apocalyptic earth? In this Netflix show, which currently has three seasons available for streaming, a nuclear bomb has destroyed the surface of the earth, leaving those humans on the International Space Station as the only survivors. As an experiment, 100 juveniles are sent down to the decimated surface to tests its habitability. Will they survive? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Stranger Things

You haven’t watched Stranger Things yet?! Better get caught up right now. As one of the most popular shows of 2016, this science-fiction mystery is a must-watch for anyone who grew up in the 1980s (or just so happens to love a good alien-monster story).

The Santa Clarita Diet

Like zombie lore? You’re gonna love this new take on the genre featuring sexy Timothy Olyphant (of Justified) and adorable Drew Barrymore (of E.T. and, more recently, Odd Mom Out). In this quirky show, something strange happens to Barrymore, giving her an extreme hunger for meat…particularly the human kind. See how they juggle having a zombie in the family in their neat suburban neighborhood!

The Moaning Of Life

Remember that hilarious travel/documentary show, An Idiot Abroad? Well its star, eternally-melancholy Karl Pilkington is back in a reboot of that series, and it’s every bit as bingeable. Watch as Pilkington experiences odd customs, beliefs, and cultures all around the world, and learn alongside him why diversity truly is the spice of life.

Enjoy Your Snow Days! Make ZIRKEL Your Wireless Internet Provider In Steamboat Springs

See how many things you’ve been missing out on because of your slow Internet? Enough is enough. ZIRKEL Wireless provides wireless Internet service throughout Steamboat Springs, as well as Craig, Oak Creek, and Hayden. If you live in or around any of these areas, you’re likely eligible for our low-cost Internet installation. Compare our plan prices to other Internet providers in the area, then contact us for service today!