When choosing a wireless internet provider, it’s easy to think of the “big guys.” But “big” doesn’t always mean better, especially when you live in a rural area. Big wireless companies are usually more concerned with the number of subscribers they can secure, and therefore target big cities and townships. While a company like Comcast or Verizon may have great internet coverage in Denver, they may not be able to provide that same coverage to the areas that ZIRKEL Wireless covers, like Steamboat Springs, Yampa, Craig, and more. The following are some things to keep in mind when choosing an internet provider.

How long have they been in business?

One important thing to look for in an internet service provider is how long they have been in business. At ZIRKEL, we saw a need for high-speed internet service in Northwestern Colorado and took action to provide coverage to rural areas that were not currently covered by other wireless companies. ZIRKEL started providing internet in 2001, and have been thriving ever since. For comparison, Verizon Wireless has been in business since 2000, and Comcast began offering internet in 1996.

What makes them different from the next provider?

When looking at internet providers, it is important to consider what sets them apart from every other provider out there. Obviously, with something like high-speed wireless internet, using the latest technology is vital to success, and most of the large internet providers, as well as us little guys over at ZIRKEL, do that. Frankly, with how quickly technology changes, that’s the only way to provide competitive high-speed internet.

Making sure your provider offers multiple plans is important. ZIRKEL offers half a dozen plan options to fit your needs. If you are a casual internet user who simply likes to browse the web and maybe stream music, our $29/month Economy plan might be best for you. However, if you have a family of teenagers who love to play online games, then our Turbo or Turbo Plus plans might be best for you.

Other companies might try to claim they have inexpensive internet, but rope you into a pricey cable package. However, with more and more families nixing cable in favor of video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, that might not be the best option for your family.

Will they come to my area if I’m not in their coverage zone?

We started ZIRKEL Wireless with the vision of providing Northwestern Colorado the fastest wireless internet at the most affordable price and with the most reliability. This dream included providing that high-quality service to rural and mountainous regions that other companies had yet to cover. Because of this mission, we are committed to continuing to grow our antenna sites and coverage areas. Currently we provide coverage for Steamboat Springs, Craig, Hayden, Milner, Oak Creek, Stagecoach, Phippsburg, Yampa, and Clark. If you’re not sure if you’re in the coverage areas, give us a call or place an order online. Our friendly and experienced technicians will come out for a scheduled installation. If they can’t get a signal, there’s no cost or obligation to you! So there’s no reason to sit around and wonder what will happen if you choose ZIRKEL, but aren’t in our coverage zone. Best of all, we take note of customers who are looking for high-speed wireless and use that information to influence where our next antenna location will be.

What are their customers saying about them?

Possibly more important than the actual speed or coverage of your wireless internet, is how satisfied customers are with your service. ZIRKEL Wireless has 5 stars across the board for quality, value, timeliness, experience, satisfaction, and overall rating from Top Rated Local. And thanks to everything listed above, our customers seem to consistently have good things to say about us. Here is just some of the feedback we have received from customers.

Fantastic customer service from a group of caring locals. Great job guys!” – Josh N.

“We’ve counted on ZIRKEL Wireless for over 10 years and they continue to deliver the fastest and most reliable Internet service in the Yampa Valley.”  – Black Tie Ski Rentals

“Our family recently moved to ranch property near Steamboat with tremendous privacy. High-speed Internet service is critical to my real estate business. We enjoy consistent, high-speed service at a very fair price. I will recommend ZIRKEL to my clients.” – Nick Metzler, Metzler Team

Need more reasons to choose ZIRKEL? Give us a call today about any questions you have regarding our service, we’d love to hear from you!