Here are some benefits of using the 900 Mhz range:

  • No Line-Of-Site situations

  • Goes around hills

  • Will go through trees

  • Provides longer distances

  • Good for rural settings

  • Worked solidly for years

This section explains what the cause for some intermittency is for our customer’s:

  • ZIRKEL Wireless has been using the 900 Mhz for hard to reach customers since 2007.
  • ZIRKEL Wireless expressed concerns about YVEA deploying smart meters in the same frequency.  We knew that it would interfere with Internet service to many ZIRKEL customers.
  • We advised YVEA to deploy a licensed frequency designated specifically for utility companies.
  •  YVEA’s consulting company assured everyone that their smart meter system would not interfere with ZIRKEL customers.
  •  In late 2016 after days of investigation, we determined that YVEA’s newly installed smart meter system was interfering with ZIRKEL’S 900 Mhz internet customers.
  • YVEA attempted to run its system only in the late evenings to minimize impact to Internet customers but later decided that it could no longer limit its systems usage.
  • According to the FCC, anyone can utilize unlicensed frequencies so ZIRKEL has no recourse other than to move affected customers to a system that uses a different frequency.
  • Whenever possible we are upgrading customers to different systems.  The most difficult to serve locations may not have any other options for years to come.

Additional Information:

  • These meter devices use frequency hopping.  Meaning, it hops on different channels thus crowding the available 900 mhz spectrum.
    FCC Link to Frequency Hopping.(Link)
  • Operation in the 900 mhz band has been on the “honor system”.  People operate and do not cause harmful interference to each other.  Title 47 Section 15.5 out lines the conditions of operations.(Link)

What should I do if my service becomes intermittent?

  • Report the issue to the ZIRKEL Wireless support department as soon as possible.
  • You can email  Be sure to include your physical address or account number.
  • A support representative will determine if your location is eligible for one of our other wireless platforms.