1. Explaining Internet Speed From ZIRKEL Wireless

    Megabits, data, and bandwidth, oh my! First of all, we apologize for that awful attempt at a Wizard Of Oz reference. Secondly, the point we’re trying to make is that understanding everything that comes in your ZIRKEL Wireless internet package can be a little bit scary and confusing. Today, we want to take a couple of minutes to explain what all of this lingo means. To get us started, we’ll sta…Read More

  2. The History Of The Internet

    Not too long ago, if you wanted to know the history of a subject, you would need to go to a library, find the correct section, and browse through countless books to even begin to understand a topic. Nowadays, you can find the history of literally anything simply by typing a search into Google. From the history of National Pancake Day to the history of ancient building techniques used in the Roman …Read More

  3. Saying “Thanks” To Our Wireless Internet Customers

    At Zirkel, we understand how important it is to be able to access high-speed internet no matter where you live. Because of that, we have been a leading internet service provider to rural areas of Yampa Valley for almost 20 years, and we are happy to continue on this journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the support of our users, so today we’d like to take a moment to r…Read More

  4. Why ZIRKEL Wireless Is The Right Choice For Rural Colorado Internet Service

    When choosing a wireless internet provider, it’s easy to think of the “big guys.” But “big” doesn’t always mean better, especially when you live in a rural area. Big wireless companies are usually more concerned with the number of subscribers they can secure, and therefore target big cities and townships. While a company like Comcast or Verizon may have great internet coverage in Denve…Read More

  5. Setting Up A Wireless Router For The Best Signal

    Every rose has its thorn. And by rose we mean wireless internet, and by thorn we mean bad connection. But also, every cloud has a silver lining, and in this case the cloud is the wifi and the silver lining is that you can maximize your connection by placing your router in an optimum location! Okay, maybe we shouldn’t write this whole post in silly cliches. Let’s stop the hidden meanings and ge…Read More

  6. The Importance of High Speed Internet for Remote Workers

    Remote workers, also called telecommuters, make their living working from home, usually doing digital work on a computer. Many people think of telecommuters as millennials living in their parents’ basement or new moms trying to get in a few hours of work each week. But with the average telecommuter being a professional in their late forties making almost $60,000 per year, working remotely has ne…Read More

  7. Got Teenagers? You Need A High Speed Internet Plan

    Steamboat Springs is a great place to raise a family. With beautiful mountains all around us, and year round opportunities for outdoor recreation, it’s no surprise that so many families choose to make their home in and around the Yampa Valley. If you’re a family with teenagers, you probably realize that their passion for outdoor activities is surpassed only by their love for documenting said a…Read More

  8. 3 Ways Slow Internet Service Is Ruining Your Business

    Although we may live and work way up in the mountains, there’s nothing “backcountry” about the economies here in Steamboat Springs and Craig. Thanks to the presence of glorious hot springs and one of the best ski resorts in the world, people from all over the world make it a point to visit Steamboat Springs during the course of the year. And while our cold weather activities may get top bil…Read More

  9. Snowed In? Enjoy These Binge-Worthy Offerings On Netflix

    When most people in Colorado hear the words “Steamboat Springs”, they immediately think “snow.” More specifically, they imagine the magical champagne powder that has helped our little mountain town earn the reputation of one of the best ski resorts in the world. But we digress. Today we don’t want to talk about how much tourists love to ski on our snow, however. We want to talk about how…Read More

  10. Things You’ll Be Able To Do With High Speed Internet Service

    If you’ve spent a minute clicking around our website, you’ve probably noticed that we take great pride in providing the people of Steamboat Springs and Craig with the fastest Internet service around. Although we’re not the only Internet service provider in the area, we’re dedicated to setting ourselves apart from the corporate pack in a way that only a small, locally-owned company can. Fou…Read More