Billing Terms

We do require that you provide a payment method before scheduling your installation of our high-speed internet service. Your installation charge will process after your affordable internet service installation is completed. Your card will remain on file for monthly Autopay or Manual payments. You will receive a monthly bill via email on the first of every month and payment is due on the 20th of the same month.

*If unable to provide a debit or credit card for monthly billing, a cash or check payment of $200 is required at the time of high-speed internet installation. If you order managed WiFi a $250 total payment is required at the time of installation. Your first payment will apply to your installation, monthly service charges, and Managed WiFi, if ordered.

Order Terms

After we mount an antenna on the outside of your home (or business) we will run a cat5 data wire inside. Our ethernet connection can plug directly into a single computer or high speed internet router. We do not provide computers, but we do offer a high speed router service called Managed WiFi. If you cancel rural internet service prior to paying for 6 full months there will be an early termination fee of up to $175. If you relocate rural internet service prior to 6 months a $95 relocate charge will apply. At the end of this contract, your service will continue month to month unless you notify us that you would like to suspend or cancel service.

Your location must have a direct line-of-sight (LOS) to a ZIRKEL tower for our standard Internet plans and equipment. If your location cannot see one of our towers because buildings, hills or trees are blocking the view, you may be eligible for our Non LOS service. Your installer will notify you on-site if this is the case. If you decide to have our Non LOS equipment installed you will need to subscribe to our Premier plan or higher. Additionally, the Non LOS platform does not support some gaming and has limited VPN connectivity.

The high speed internet antenna, router, and any other equipment that we install belongs to ZIRKEL Wireless and it will need to be returned upon cancellation. Additional charges may apply for non standard installations. If you have dogs, you will need to secure them in a room or a garage prior to your install appointment. If you have concerns about antenna placement or the install, please discuss this with the installer before he begins the installation. Internet speeds are not guaranteed; if you require guaranteed Internet speeds we do offer dedicated Internet plans. The complete agreement and company policies can be viewed on our website, at the links below.

Internet Service Agreement | Acceptable Use Policy | FCC Antenna Fact Sheet | Pole Mount Guidelines | Managed WiFi Agreement