1.  E-mail to Fax (eFax) must be sent to destinationnumber@clearefax.com where “destination number” is the Fax Number of the recipient.

2.  The e-mail must be sent from the e-mail address registered with ZIRKEL Phone, as our system utilizes the “from” e-mail address as the Username for authorization. If you aren’t sure which email is tied to your account, please reach out to us by phone or email.

3.  E-mail to Fax should be sent in plain text format instead of rich text or HTML.

4.  Up to three attachments may be included in the e-mail as the fax message.  ZIRKEL’s E-mail to Fax Service supports most document formats.

5.  The “Body” of the E-mail to Fax message acts as the cover page of the Fax.  If nothing is included in the Body of the e-mail, only the attachments will be sent.

6.  The Fax Recipient’s name can be included on the cover page by including it as the first words in the e-mail “Subject”

7.  The “Subject” of the Fax can be included on the cover page by typing s= and then the subject of the fax.  For example, s=resume or s=Construction Permit

For reference, an example message is below.  In this message, the Recipient fax number is (303) 997-1092.  The Cover Page of the Fax will list the Recipient as John Smith with a Subject of Resume.  The attached PDF document will be included as part of the Fax.